From billboards to brochures to business cards and annual reports. From postcards to programs, to flyers and Apps. From tri-folds or bi-folds to panels to one-pagers, we do it ALL.

Hadrout designs are engineered based on solid knowledge of target audiences and talking WITH our clients. We combine a deep understanding of consumer psychology, award-winning graphic design, and goal analysis to present you with OPTIONS on everything and anything we do. Our goal is to become your ally and guide your organization in the best possible direction, with our designers perfecting their craft every day to bring you the ultimate best. We don't just want to have "lightbulb moments" for your designs - we want to light up a room with them!

by Award-Winning Designers

Hadrout develops a brand logo and identity for a business entity with purpose to develop creative brand representation:

This includes:

  • Original meeting, business’s branding design needs assessment, collection of ideas, wishes, or previous branding elements from a client to be incorporated in a future design in a way that aligns with Client’s current branding and communications.
  • Design of seven to ten (7-10) possible diverse LOGO concepts and delivery to client for consideration. Up to two (2) rounds of revisions until the final logo is derived.
  • Delivery of final logo to Client in four (4) most commonly used formats for future use and to have on file.
  • Business Card layout / design based on chosen logo (two variations offered; printing quoted separately).
Annual Report Design & Development
to show recipients what your organization is all about

Hadrout wants to help nail the design on the head. We have developed reports for non-profits, cities and the Michigan State Fair! No matter how many pages, we know and value the importance of these, and don't forget it for a second while designing them.

Hadrout Annual Reports includes the following services: 

  • Annual report design collection of ideas, objectives, or previous branding elements from a client to be incorporated in a future design in a way that aligns with Client’s current branding and communications.
  • Client to provide copy / content for Annual report in Word or text format, including must-use imagery, list of logos and data for charts. If stock imagery will be used, Hadrout will provide link for stock imagery for Client’s consideration (all royalty-fee images are included in cost of contract).

         a. If applicable, Hadrout will be responsible for converting data tables into pie or standard graphs / charts (data supplied by Client).

  • Hadrout to propose two (2) different stylistic layouts of Annual report for Client consideration. One (1)  internal spread will be offered.
  • Once stylistic layout is chosen by Client, Hadrout to layout remaining pages for Client review.
  • Changes will be supplied to Hadrout in concise format / manner for effective communication.
  • Spell and grammar check provided by on-staff Hadrout copywriter (Hadrout will provide Copywriting services as defined as: proofing of Client-supplied content, filling in correct phrasing/wording, etc., and minor research; i.e. finding high resolution partner logos as noted / specified by Client; as well as appropriate formatting).
  • Hadrout to deliver print-ready PDF (high res) files (please note that “Flip page” files need must be specified at beginning of project).

NOTE: Quotes/Proposals will factor in total pages, difficulty of design (Die Cuts), special shapes, and clarity of info provided.

All meeting time, travel time, tools and technical equipment utilized in the process are included in quote.

A La Carte or Everything and All

Pricing and choices are A La Carte, but we offer Packaging services for:

  • Annual Reports
  • Logo/Creative
  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Brochures
  • Business
  • Programs
  • One-Pagers
  • Bi-folds and/or Tri-folds
  • Templates for cross departmental usage
  • Tshirt specific logo files
  • Media Kits
  • Event items
  • Social Media artwork
  • Video
Event Marketing Package
from social media squares to slow down traffic billboards

Pick your Event Marketing pieces!

"A La Carte" pieces include artwork to the following formats:

  • 1200x1200 facebook squares
  • facebook event cover image (option for sizing the artwork down to be placed on a 4”x6” flyer)
  • Event Poster (typically 11x17” single sided, but can be customized)
  • Billboard for Outdoor Advertising (creative campaign theme additional)
  • Social Media Campaign Graphics (includes 8 posts; client provides text for posts)

All design piece edits/revisions (2-3 rounds) included in costs/Proposals once Package derived.

Fast Turnaround
because we get it, it really is important
(we promise!)

We believe in (realistic) fast turn-around time. We value your edits and revisions, and take that into consideration.

We do not believe in "here's your stuff, good luck" notion.

Copywriting & Proofreading Services
the write stuff, we can help

Hadrout helping writing hands...

Copywriting is the art of persuasive writing at its peak. It takes a powerful combination of the right approach, knowledge and style to write something that has the capability to convince your potential customers. Not everyone gets it right. It takes experience, skill and correct application. We have a few "word nerds" on staff, and for a reasonable hourly rate (or included in a project cost/quote), you can hire a Hadroutian writer/editor.

Services offered:

  • Copywriting (AP style available)
  • Editing (all pieces, including social media posts, brochures, speeches, white papers, articles)
  • Fact-checking

À la carte design packages

We are NOT a "this is what you're getting, here you go" place. We go by what YOU need mixed with our professional, award-winning "this is what we think" notion. We offer A LA CARTE design packages; a "mix 'n' match" approach to get everything you can out of the dollars spent.


At Hadrout, we are happy to hear from you: no matter how small or big your are. Drop us a line, ask for a quote - we are here to answer!