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At Hadrout, we love that there is a huge melting pot of a world out there. We enjoy working with different people – and we do. Our main office is in Ann Arbor, MI. However, we have an IT office in Taganrog, Russia and a representative in Dominican Republic, we also have colleagues in India, Florida, and Ohio. 

People and places make life exciting.

Below are the cities where Hadrout has had clients, worked in, has an office or has been involved in a cause:

North America
Detroit, MI USA
New York, NY, USA
Austin, TX, USA
Miami, FL, USA
Toledo, OH, USA
Europe / Middle East
Lausanne, Switzerland
Moscow, Russia
Yerevan, Aremnia
Beirut, Lebanon
Taganrog, Russia

Mahalapye, Botswana

Oceania / Asia
Puna, India
Andaman Islands

South America / Caribbean
Dominican Republic
Mexico City, Mexico

Nikolay Belous, Dector of IT Depatrment in Elburs.

A house in Hadrout, Artsakh with bullet holes and concerogenic and unsafe hand-made heating/ cooking system that lets smoke out of the window.