Downtown Detroit Partnership gets a new Hadrout-designed website, bringing you local news and a directory of Downtown Detroit Parks!

Hadrout couldn't be more proud to work with this organization and represent them, techie style...

In 2012, we were asked to re-design the website for Detroit’s #1 gathering place on a limited budget. The website became a driving force behind the influx for tourists to become involved with the city. The comprehensive system allowed for event-goers to know what’s going on downtown. In early 2015, Campus Martius chose Hadrout (among many companies) to come back and create a much more large-scale web solution to incorporate all the downtown Detroit parks. This new state-of-the-art, mobile friendly, comprehensive website was launched in June 2015, incorporating more calendars and social media outlets. In the beginning of 2017, the DDP / Detroit 300 Conservancy team once again chose Hadrout right away for another re-vamp, this time with focusing on recurring Event modules / options, and each Park getting its own page and functions.

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