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Azurite della Magna

Creativity comes from within and it is influenced by things in your life like history and culture. Hadroutians come from all walks of life and it would take pages to explain all of our influences. So, let's focus on one, we are proud to show the colors of our influences. Represented here are the colors of the Armenian flag. These colors represent important things like red emblematizes the Armenian people's continued struggle for survival, blue for the Armenian sky, and orange represents the fertile lands.

Azurite della Magna  and Azurite grades (Pura, Optima and bis Azura) are made from the raw mineral called Azurite which is copper ore. It was called "Armenian stone" in Pliny's time, when Armenia and Spain were the main supplier for this ore. Our ore comes from China which is the source of todays best grades of this almost depleted mineral. It is very hard to find this blue mineral nowadays in qualities good for artistic use.

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