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Hadrout Design for Business

Some call us an "ad agency", "information technologies company” or simply, “a design house”.  That's true, but we also think of ourselves as a network of friends, helping friends, to become better on a personal and professional level.  Thousands of companies design, program and market... and we salute them.  At Hadrout, we choose to be that intangible something MORE. 

For over a decade, Hadrout is where ideas meet, grow and become profitable.  It is where marketing can’t exist without technology; just as much as it can’t exist without simple, human, word-of-mouth.  And there's no such thing as a budget too small.  We believe every dollar, ruble or yen you spend to amplify your business, deserves to be spent as cost-effectively as possible... always.

Imagine enjoying a business development department of award-winning US graphic designers, best-of-the-best Russian programmers, the savviest media buyers in the market, your own guerrilla marketing team, along with a printing and production company!  Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  Just wait, we haven’t even told you the best part!  Our expertise will only cost you a fraction of what other advertising agencies charge!  Yes, we know, this sounds like butter on a business owner’s bread, but we deliver you all of that... it is our promise.  Surprisingly, that is not Hadrout’s only competitive advantage...

It's what others call philanthropy, which the dictionary describes as any altruistic activity intended to promote good or improve human quality of life.  We put our expertise, experience and integrity to work for this purpose.  As a result, even for a minute, if our efforts can make one’s life feel easier or better; we succeeded in connecting consumers and business owners with hopes, dreams and possibilities.  At that very minute, our company motto has been fulfilled.

the crew

People... Humans... they are what make Hadrout different.  There are no employees; we are a family, a community, a circle of people united by one idea.  Our offices are in Taganrog, Russia and Ferndale, Michigan, USA; both working in unison with a chat or a Skype throughout the day.

Hadroutians are American, Russian and everything in between... literally.  We are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim and still exploring.  We are black, white, orange and purple.  We are goofy and serious, clever and creative and defiantly topnotch.  Hello...  let's be friends!

what’s in a name?

Our story begins far away in the Caucasus Mountains; perceived as the dividing line between Asia and Europe.  As one of the most linguistically and culturally diverse regions on Earth, this land is deemed by ethnographers (the branch of anthropology that deals with the scientific description of specific human cultures) to be in both continents... serving as proof that it is possible to have the best of all worlds.

The conjunction of many ethic groups and countries such as Turkey, Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia and Ukraine; this land is a home to ancient Mount Urartu (now Ararat) where according to the book of Genesis, Noah's Ark came to rest over 4,300 years ago.

There, overlooking ancient Urartu between two rivers, lays the village of Hadrout in the republic of Artzakh, country of Armenia.  It is a symbol of the unity of cultures, diversity and the wisdom of generations.

We borrowed this name, Hadrout, because of our strong love for this place and because we felt it was an obligation to shine a light on its tragedy.  Though excavations show that humans have inhabited this area for tens of thousands of years and the region has a rich history, Hadrout is suffering today.  As if the Armenian Genocide of 1915, the first genocide of the 20th Century (which took lives of over one million Armenians), had not been enough torment on this land; Hadrout again became unsettled from 1988 to 1994, torn by the Artsakh war.

More than 340 people of the total population of 2,770, lost their lives during this conflict.  Nearly 30% of this area has been destroyed and burned down several times. Today, tired but hopeful, Hadrout is trying to rebuild itself.  There are major ecological and infrastructural obstacles, including a lack of drinking and irrigation water, along with poor internal communications and roads.  Some villages in the area are lacking telephone and TV networks. However, despite asperity and sorrow, somewhere far away in the Caucasus Mountains, Hadrout quietly stands still as a monument to human strength and perseverance, preserving its magnificent history, hopeful of a better future.

Though the future is unpredictable, history proves some things are certain... Hadrout will always stay a symbol of integrity, bravery and wisdom.  And we are more than proud to be called just that.