We are the right choice - fair pricing, unsurpassed creativity, dynamic contemporary web design & programming, more than a decade of professional experience and an unrivaled level of dedication.

Some call us an "ad agency," "information technologies company” or simply, “a design house." Thousands of companies design, program and market...and we salute them. At Hadrout, we choose to be a little more than that. For more than a decade, Hadrout is where clients' ideas meet our talent and expertise in web design & programming. Hadrout is more than an agency -- we are a place where these ideas grow and become profitable.

Addy Award
2012 Silver Addy
Packaging Category
Compass Award
Public Awareness
Award of Excellence
Compass Award
Ad Campaign Category
Ad Wheel Award
2010 Billboard
Advertising Category
Addy Award
2010 Silver
Consumer Website
Addy Award
2010 Silver Addy
Website Category
Addy Award
2010 Silver
Public Awareness
Gold Addy
2004 Out of Home
Out of Home Category
Addy Award
204 Best Political
Outdoor Campaign
Judge's Choice
2004 Addy Award
Outdoor Campaign
Addy Award
Judge's Choice
2004 Billboard
Addy Award
2003 Silver Addy
Outdoor Campaign


We put our expertise, experience and integrity to work for only one purpose: success of our clients. Our goal is to connect business owners and/or organizational leaders to their hopes, goals, and any and all possibilities.


  • Recipient of 5 Addy® awards (web design, packaging design, advertising campaign, out-of-home campaign, and political advertising)
  • 185+ websites designed, programmed and completed
  • Almost 200 clients around the world
  • All staff members hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • We are proud to boast 99% Client Retention
  • We don’t use templates and/or pre-canned solutions
  • Our smallest current client is a one-person publishing company and our largest client is a city
  • Woman-owned business


Our story begins far away in the Caucasus Mountains; perceived as the dividing line between Asia and Europe. As one of the most linguistically and culturally diverse regions on Earth, this land is deemed by ethnographers (the branch of anthropology that deals with the scientific description of specific human cultures) to be in both continents... serving as proof that it is possible to have the best of all worlds.

The conjunction of many ethic groups and countries such as Turkey, Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia and Ukraine; this land is a home to ancient Mount Urartu (now Ararat) where according to the book of Genesis, Noah's Ark came to rest over 4,300 years ago...

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People...humans...they are what make Hadrout different. There are no "employees" -- we are a family, a community, a circle of people united by one idea. Our offices are in Taganrog, Russia and Ferndale, Michigan, USA; working in unison to make our Clients happy and successful.

Hadroutians are American, Russian, and everything in between...literally. Under one roof, we are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim and still exploring. We are black, white, orange and purple. We are goofy and serious, clever and creative and defiantly topnotch.

Maria Petrenko
Founder & Art Director

Maria’s passion for design can be measured by the size of her hair which, on a humid day, is crazy big. She founded Hadrout Design for Business to provide state-of-the-art website development, brand management and marketing to start-ups, boutique businesses and those that seek a "wow" presence online and off. 

It's said there's no such thing as an original idea. That's hard to believe once you meet Maria.

Not far from the small Russian village she grew up in, Maria graduated from Taganrog State University with an Economics Degree in Information Systems. She came to the United States in 2000 and received her Master’s Degree in Advertising / Consumer Psychology from Michigan State University.  

Her portfolio grew at shops such as Cox Advertising in New York and Adams Outdoor Advertising in Ann Arbor; creating award-winning concepts for local, national and international brands. In 2005, Maria collaborated with friend and media guru, Amy Grambeau, to start Orange Egg Advertising. As Orange Egg grew, so did Maria’s entrepreneurial spirit. You might say Hadrout Design for Business hatched from Orange Egg in 2009. 

She is an idea catcher, avid scuba diver, animated story-teller, but most of all, a humanitarian. She is actively involved with Detroit non-profit organizations that support city redevelopment. As an ambassador and International Global Village Team Leader for Habitat for Humanity International, she continues to help eliminate homelessness and poverty with new housing in Haiti, Africa and India.

Nicole Lupiloff
Director of Operations

In charge of what-needs-to-be-done-by-when, Nicole knows in the power of making lists - and sticking to them. She is the one that runs Hadrout on a daily basis, and is the 'glue' to it all. She is also Hadrout's content manager extraordinaire, responsible for much of the website content, data transfer and all around maintaining an environment of customer satisfaction through extreme attention to detail, also in charge of RFP-writing, and all contracts and billing. A self proclaimed Wheel of Fortune-loving “word nerd,” Nicole has nearly ten years experience across writing/editing, communications, project management, events, public relations and administrative fields. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Journalism from Michigan State University, as well as graduating from the College of Education.

Tim Edwards
Sales Manager

Tim consults with clients to plan a marketing strategy that will increase the success of their business. When the art, design and programming created by Hadrout aligns with a direct and purposeful strategy, Tim knows results are achieved and knows how to help. Tim holds a firm belief that our clients’ success is the key to our own success.

Hallie Wright
Graphic Designer

Creative strategy highlights Hallie’s expertise in conceptual creation. Her design methods stem from keen attention to detail, with the idea that every element is a piece of a puzzle. Her structure and organization balances with her unconventional eye for expression— rooting from the belief that style and placement are more about essence than presence. Hallie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Saginaw Valley State University.

Nikita Goldberg
Chief Technology Officer

Nikita holds a Masters of Science in Computer Science, majoring in Programming. With 200+ websites behind his belt, this programming genius is responsible for all technical aspects of website coding, programming support, and search engine optimization.

Eduard Verkhoturov
Networks Director

We call him the “www.“ before each website. Responsible for server file set up, network engineering, hosting services, and systems management, Edward holds a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science with focus on Network Engineering and Support. His constant focus is systems improvement with technological advancements. Among other duties, Edward monitors the speed and traffic, manages domains and is responsible for e-mail set-ups and performance.

Cindie Szarek
Creative Consultant

Cindie has a strong background in sales and marketing. She worked for Paragon Restaurant Group, Ameritech directory sales, and then owned a successful independent marketing company involved with print and social media marketing. Through years of experience, Cindie knows her clients needs  She is now turning her skills into advising new clients of having the best of the best in websites. She knows that each website is carefully designed for each individual company based on their exact needs. She patiently interviews each new potential client to know what works best for their business. Know that Cindie is always looking out for you, and for your company’s needs.

Nedim Kunic
Account Executive

Nedim is taking Hadrout worldwide, one Photoshop file at at time.  He is a customer service rock star with the creative instincts of an art director.  As a graduate in Veterinary Science, he is also our resident doctor for our four-legged Hadroutians that stop by our pet-friendly studio.  Beyond his smile, his wit and positive energy is infectious! 

Ivan Petrenko
Operations Manager, Russia

The big little brother who laid the first stone of the foundation of Hadrout. DJ, music aficionado and a world traveler, who is known for witty and timeless one-liners.

Terry Gorski
Business Development

Terry is responsible for sales and new business, seeing it through from a handshake-to-Hadrout implementation. Terry is an Advertising and Public Relations graduate from Wayne State University, with two decades of experience in the sales and marketing industry. She is a self-admitted Social Media Addict, providing content for clients and is also a wife, mother of two boys, a Detroit sports fan, a basketball mom, first generation Midwest gal and do-gooder.